encoded mirrors

2015 - Personal

Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian are two famous artists of abstract art. Both had different approaches in terms of form but when it comes to the choice of color they agreed. The three primary colors red, blue and yellow are the most essential in their work.
To demonstrate the connection between both artists the installation takes Kandinsky’s painting „Yellow-Red-Blue“ and turns it into Mondrian’s “Composition with big red square, yellow, black, grey and blue” just by using static mirrors.
Every mirror on the surface is tilted to a specific angle to reflect a certain color of the Kandinsky painting hanging on the wall. If a person stands at the correct distance and height to the surface, the sweetspot, the image of the Mondrian painting appears in the mirrors. The whole image is just constructed by redirecting the sight to different spots located on the Kandinsky painting.

encoded mirrors encoded mirrors
encoded mirrors encoded mirrors encoded mirrors